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The 2017 Napa Wildfire Complex destroyed homes and businesses, led to widespread evacuation and displacement, and created critical shortages of food, water, shelter, and financial resources. Beginning the day after the fires broke out, On The Move responded to the needs of the community by opening its Napa and Sonoma Community Centers, providing refuge and urgently needed resources to vulnerable community members. A year later, OTM staff is still working to meet both the basic needs of impacted community members as well as support their emotional and mental health while the community embarks on long term recovery efforts.

To meet the critical needs faced by those it serves, OTM’s initial relief efforts included:

  • Translating critical communications: On the Move staff is provided 24-hour translation services to ensure that all Napa County communication about fires, evacuation measures, and available resources were provided in Spanish.

  • Providing community-based services at the Local Assistance Center: Following the disaster, On The Move and its partnering agencies met with over 1,100 individuals in need at Napa County’s central Local Assistance Center offering immediate relief aid to support incidentals and to address health and safety concerns.

  • Providing information, referrals and case management: On the Move continues to provide comprehensive case management throughout its programs to ensure that individuals and families can access resources including shelter, basic needs, and financial assistance.

  • Connecting families to Emergency Financial Assistance (NOW CLOSED) : Thousands of jobs were impacted due to the fires, including those in the wineries and hospitality industries. Employees have been unable to work because of the fires, and many are still unsure as to whether or not their jobs still exist. In partnership with Napa Valley Community Foundation’s Emergency Financial Assistance Program, On The Move’s McPherson Family Resource Center is providing bilingual case management and emergency financial assistance to eligible families to support costs associated with housing, transportation, communication and childcare.

Thanks to incredible fundraising efforts, On The Move was awarded grants by Napa Valley Community Foundation, Tipping Point Emergency Relief Fund, and the Center for Disaster Philanthropy to support fire-affected families with long-term emergency financial assistance and comprehensive case management.

To date, OTM staff have supported over 1,000 families with direct relief aid putting over $1,500,000 into the hands of people that desperately need the support.

Napa Fire Recovery Center

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In January 2018, Napa Valley Community Foundation, in partnership with On The Move, Upvalley Family Centers, and Abode Housing Services opened the Napa Fire Recovery Center (NFRC) to help individuals and families affected by the Napa wildfires.

A program of On The Move, The Napa Fire Recovery Center offers bilingual/bicultural long-term Disaster Case Management and operates a co-located resource center, collaborating with other nonprofits to support Napa County residents in addressing disaster recovery needs created by the 2017 Napa Fire Complex.